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THE SEARCH IS NOW CLOSED. An announcement will be made soon.



The Transition Team at St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Mankato, MN is pleased to announce that we have begun the process of actively seeking candidates for our half-time rector position. Our Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) Parish portfolio can be found on this website along with a description of who we are and what attributes are desired in our next priest. Also posted is the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) Summary that was completed in August 2017, past Annual Reports, and a video for your enjoyment highlighting our 150th celebration. Thank you for your continued support by praying for our St. John's Community, Vestry, and Transition Team.

We invite all interested applicants to visit the other areas of our website to learn more about us and our history. Please also see the resources listed below. 

To Apply:

Names are now being received for those feeling called to be the next half-time Rector at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Mankato.

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter articulating your sense of call and fit for the position, along with your resume and Office for Transition Ministry (OTM) Portfolio by February 23, 2018 to:

(electronic submission preferred)

Canon Karen Olson
Missioner for Ministry

Episcopal Church in Minnesota
1101 West Broadway Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55411

OTM Rector Search Profile and Church Information

OTM St. John's Profile.pdf

Who We Are - St. John's - A Summary

We at St. John’s are growing from a clergy-focused congregation and learning to be a lay-led and clergy-guided congregation.  We work to be faith-centered both internally – with scripture study, prayer and thanksgiving – and externally, through our community ministries including food bank distribution, a rotating homeless shelter, Fair Trade/Sustainable Development Goals outreach, environmental stewardship, and a community hot meal program.  We are strongly inclusive.  We both respect tradition and encourage innovation, seeking balance in our worship.

Characteristics, shown by a recent survey, that are important to us include:

  • To be a community;
  • To focus on social justice;
  • To care about the people around us, particularly those in difficult life circumstances;
  • To walk with Christian education for both our children and ourselves;
  • To continue leadership that is considerate, thoughtful, democratic, open-minded and collaborative; and,
  • To have a sense of routine and predictability.

We believe in living the Gospel:  welcoming the stranger, feeding the poor, clothing the homeless, and caring for each other; all while developing in ourselves a deeper relationship with Christ and his teachings.  This walk with Christ is not always easy, but needs to be encouraged and nurtured, recognized and honored, by ourselves as much as any external guide.

We have amazing people who volunteer, who serve, who lead.  Our leadership emanates from a broad core group of our congregation, with positions turning over and refreshing through congregants who often have served in the past, maintaining a strong sense of identity and purpose.  We care deeply about each other.  We have come through a period of recent decision-making with a renewed sense of caring about each other and a strong sense of purpose, both made even stronger by some modest turmoil and conflict.

We are not staid; we want a pastor to walk with us, challenge us, reassure us.  We want to be relevant for the needs of today, living in our community, vibrant in our faith, all while walking with humility and a great sense of thanksgiving for the teachings of Christ.  We like seeing our pastor recognized around town, invited into conversations, sought out for leadership; yet we are learning the limits of part-time pastoring, and are eager to discern the mutual benefits of this collaboration.  We want to celebrate our community, imperfect though it may be, yet enthusiastically connect to the greater world.

We are learning that growth may not be measured in numbers but in vibrancy.  However, our challenges include reinvigorating our youth ministry, connecting with the Millennial generation, and not taking for granted our current level of activity.

While the current time has brought considerable changes for our ministry and our church community, we are immensely proud of our history, as shown by our 150th anniversary celebration: .  Our people have amazing gifts that we hope can be of service in our faith-centered, community-caring, forward-looking walk with Christ.

Who We Are Pdf

 Congregational Assessment Tool Summary (2017)

 Congregation Assessment Tool.pdf

Video about St. John's and our 150th Anniversary:

Recent Annual Reports:

2017 Annual Report FINAL.pdf

2016 Annual Report.pdf

2015 Annual Report.pdf

2014 Annual Report.pdf